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At one point or another everyone has experienced the discomfort being bitten by a mosquito.

While some of you may just experience an irritating itch, others may experience much more detrimental health effects.

If one were to catch these serious diseases and viruses such as malaria and Zika it could lead to horrifying health consequences.  Similarly, mosquitoes can also carry diseases and parasites of other animals such as dogs and horses. Some these diseases include eastern equine encephalitis, dog heart-worms, and West Nile Virus.

As a result of these health concerns, mosquito control has become a vital public health practice. Keeping their population under control will over time reduce damage to human health.

While that may be the broader picture mosquitos can be a nuisance around homes and parks. Mosquito control is an essential practice for ensuring the good health of your family, especially if you reside in a more tropical geographic location.

We've compiled all the information you need below, so without further delay, lets drive right in....

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The Mosquito - Understanding the Enemy

Understanding the various stages of the mosquito's lifecycle will help you prevent infestation around your home. There are various different traps available for the 4 distinct stages stages of a mosquitos life: 

  • Egg - When exposed to water will hatch and begin to evolve.
  • Larva - Often referred to as wrigglers. During this stage they begin to surface.
  • Pupa - This is the period just before they become fully winged adults.
  • Adult - Fully formed mosquito.

As the first 3 stages of the mosquito life cycle occur in the water you can prevent breeding quickly.

If you manage to stumble upon mosquito larva there are numerous actions you can take to ensure mosquito control.

So lets investigate the options, both home-made and those available to buy, that can solve the problem....

Preventing & Eradicating Mosquito Larva

Mosquito Dunks

SaleBestseller No. 1
Summit Mosquito Dunks, 20 Dunks
3,907 Reviews
Summit Mosquito Dunks, 20 Dunks
  • Each dunk kills mosquito larvae for 30 days Or More.
  • Each dunk covers up to 100 Square feet of water, regardless of depth.
  • Use mosquito dunks in any standing water including rain barrels, bird Baths, tree holes, elevator shafts, planter Reservoirs, rain gutters, etc.
  • Unused and dry dunks Retain Their potency indefinitely

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Mosquito dunks are the most effective, fast and convenient way of eradicating mosquito larvae.

The prime purpose of the dunk is to produce a bacteria called Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti). Fortunately, this type of bacteria is only toxic to mosquito larvae. Bti is authorised by the environmental protection agency for better peace of mind.

As a result, you can sit back and not worry about poisoning other wildlife, pets or children.

Furthermore, the dunks have a long product life span. As a result, you do not need to consistently keep purchasing them. Furthermore, they become active within hours, killing mosquito larve and can last for 30 days or more. This long lasting life span can prevent against further larvae infestations. The mosquito dunks are a great investment.

Mosquito dunks are the ultimate larvae exterminators and will protect your home from future larvae infestations.

Mosquito Bits

Bestseller No. 1
Summit Responsible Solutions Mosquito Bits - Quick Kill, 30 Ounce
4,491 Reviews
Summit Responsible Solutions Mosquito Bits - Quick Kill, 30 Ounce
  • Environmentally Sound Biological Mosquito Control
  • Sprinkle Mosquito Bits to quickly annihilate the larval population; Corn cob granules coated in Bti, the Bits (do not last long but) provide a punch, turning water black with larvae, to a clear pool void of future mosquitoes
  • The Mosquito Bits are labeled to control Fungus Gnats in plant beds or pots
  • Bits can be sprinkled on the soils surface or mixed with potting soil prior to planting will kill fungus gnat larvae with the same safety and target specific control offered for mosquito larvae

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Similar to Mosquito Dunks. Mosquito Bits contain the bacteria present in dunks, Bti.  In contrast to the dunks, they're better for attacking smaller areas of surface water. Mosquito bits come in the form of these tiny little pellets that can be just sprinkled where there is an infestation. They may be more appropriate to use as the area of infection might not be that big. As well, they're just as easy to use. Take about a teaspoon of bits and spread it over the area of interest. For best use, make sure it's spread uniformly over the area of infestation or where you potentially think an infestation may occur.

Using Home Remedies Such As Bleach As Mosquito Control

While this might be a simple and cost-effective method for eliminating larvae it does have a downside.

Unfortunately, while bleach may be effective in killing mosquito larvae, it can be extremely harmful to other wildlife, pets and children. As a result, and an absolute necessary precaution do not add bleach to a pond or natural water resource. Ensure if you're addressing the area with bleach that no wildlife, pets or children have access to that area.

It's important that if you have any pets on the property that the area is completely unaccessible to them. Pets will always manage to find a way in.

If you opt to use bleach to eliminate mosquito larvae, please follow these steps;

If the area you plan to eradicate your problem is in still standing water, use 1 teaspoon for every gallon of water.

Other Home Remedies That Can Be Used As Mosquito Traps

Similarly, there are other home remedies you can use to prevent mosquito larvae.

While it may come as a shock to you they're both effective methods: Cinnamon and apple cider vinegar are two effective methods for controlling larvae.

In regards to cinnamon, the perfect ratio would be 15% cinnamon oil to 85% standing water.  While apple cider vinegar is an effective method for eliminating larvae it's not very potent. It was found that this method took almost 18 hours to kill the mosquito larvae.

These would be considered the most effective methods of preventing mosquito larvae before it manifests. On a bi-weekly basis, check any nearby water sources for signs of mosquito larvae.

And just as good practice, get into the habit of ensuring they're larvae free by implementing the various approaches above.

Good Mosquito Control Practice

Ensure that you have addressed prevention as opposed to having to address the cure. There are numerous of other methods you can use to prevent breeding such as;

  • Consistently make sure your home is thoroughly clean.
  • Don't let your trash or stale water build up.
  • Do not leave trash lying around the house.
  • Ensure that you have mosquito mesh on the doors of your home.
  • Make sure there is no trash blocking the drains or sewers outside your home
  • Ensure any gap in your home is clean and filled so they don't find a place to breed inside your home.

Perhaps you're past the first 3 stages of the initial life cycle and these eggs have manifested into full-blown mosquitos. As a result, you're looking for an effective method of containing this outbreak. Fortunately, we have just the solution for you. Building on from the previous methods we've been talking about we're going to examine the most effective mosquito traps you can deploy in your home.

Top Five Best Mosquito Traps 2018 For Mosquito Control - Indoor / Outdoor

As we mentioned earlier, people often go searching for the cheaper alternative, for example one of the most common questions is do bug zappers work on mosquitos?

However, the cheaper alternative doesn't always seem to give the best return on investment. As a result, I ask you this, why keep wasting money on cheap machines that won't work? Why not invest in one decent machine that will do the job?

Maybe you're inexperienced when it comes to choosing insect control devices, such as the best electric bug zapper.  Fear not, below we've created a list of the top five best mosquito traps 2018. Each and every one of these devices has been carefully handpicked and reviewed by ourselves and will ensure to give you the best return on investment.

Furthermore, if you follow the steps as outlined in the previous passages regarding mosquito control and utilize these machines alongside other solutions, like choosing the best electric fly swatter to keep by your side, you could completely annihilate your mosquito & insect problem.

Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device, 120-Watt, Indoor/Outdoor 

Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device, 120-Watt, Indoor/Outdoor
465 Reviews
Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device, 120-Watt, Indoor/Outdoor
  • Control night flying insect up to 2 acres
  • 120 watts UV lure power covers 1,200 sqft indoors
  • Mounts vertical or horizontally; Meets USDA and FDA guidelines
  • For outdoor & commercial indoor application at dumpsters & trash recepticals; ideal for barns

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In comparison to other devices out there in the market currently, it's about 3-6 times brighter. Despite it's increased brightness it gives off more of a soft glow than a blinding spotlight. Furthermore, the device is extremely powerful. It will attract any type of bug within a mile radius and slowly begin eliminating that population. However, the process of elimination is gradual and will take a number of weeks before you begin to notice the effects. There's such a satisfying sound made any time a bug is claimed, victim. At the bottom of the device, there is a little removable tray. What I found to be extremely beneficial was to hang this device over the grass, remove the tray and let the bugs fall into the grass after they've been captured and killed. This will save having to clean out the device each time.


One of the biggest drawbacks to this device is how power consuming it can be as it has to be consistently run 24/7. However, it's a small price to pay for such an effective device. Similarly, the bulbs don't last very long either and have to be consistently replaced. Furthermore, the transformers can become extremely overheated.


Mega-Catch Pro 900 Ultra Mosquito Trap
65 Reviews
Mega-Catch Pro 900 Ultra Mosquito Trap
  • Kill mosquitoes, midges and more with the multi-stimuli, human-mimicking ULTRA Mosquito Trap
  • Smart technology includes Mosquito-Attracting-Stimuli (MAS) settings which allows the ULTRA to be fine tuned to target specific mosquito species
  • Comes fully assembled with programmable multi-function timer, the ULTRA is DIY self-serviceable with on-board diagnostics package
  • CO2 ready (cylinder not included) the Optional CO2 Gas Attractant System can increase capture rates by up to 400%. The Ultra Trap should NEVER be operated indoors, or in any other enclosed space, when the CO2 gas release system is in use.

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  • It attracts and catches as many or more mosquitoes than other traps.
  • Extremely effective device for kill adult mosquitos even if you haven't tried killing the larvae.
  • Various options with regards to chemicals such as CO2 with an option to use it or not to increase the catch rate or save on operating costs.
  • The device can cover up to 1.5 acres of space and attract mosquitos from 150 feet in the distance.
  • As long as you dismount the CO2 cylinder and Octenol strip, you can use it indoors.
  • It's an extremely reliable device in comparison to propane traps that frequently break down.
  • It poses no threat to other animals such as pets, children, and other wildlife.
  • When a female mosquito is captured that is breeding it will continue to eliminate the potential litter.


  • Extremely expensive device.
  • There a various manual maintenance jobs that device requires such as disposing of the mosquito corpses and replacing the C02 every couple of months.
  • It's absolutely necessary to have an extension cord.

Mosquito Magnet MM3200B Independence Mosquito Trap - OUTDOOR ONLY

Mosquito Magnet MM3200B Independence Mosquito Trap
20 Reviews
Mosquito Magnet MM3200B Independence Mosquito Trap
  • Silent trap emits carbon dioxide, heat and moisture to attract and capture mosquitoes and other biting insects like midges, black flies and no-see-ums
  • Features patented Catalytic Converter converts propane into carbon dioxide (CO2), heat, and moisture to simulate human presence.
  • Cordless, runs on 4C batteries (included)
  • Easy assembly. All-weather performance. Heavy duty construction with reinforced base for added durability. Includes wheels to move unit.

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  • Extremely easy to set up. There's only one propane tank, the battery set up is simple and then everything just slides together. No frustration.
  • You won't even hear it make a sound it's so quiet.
  • Depending on your positioning, if it's put in the right spot, it will attract a lot of mosquitos
  • Very portable device thanks to the handle and wheels
  • The fact that it's cordless makes it extremely beneficial for moving around.

The cons:

  • The only problem I had with this device was the mosquito bag. The lid kept popping off. 

KATCHY Electric Insect Trap: Indoor Bug, Fly, and Mosquito Trap - Indoor / Outdoor


KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap: Bug, Fruit Fly, Gnat, Mosquito Killer - UV Light, Fan, Sticky Glue Boards Trap Even The Tiniest Flying Bugs - No Zapper - Child Safe, Non-Toxic (Black)
4,352 Reviews
KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap: Bug, Fruit Fly, Gnat, Mosquito Killer - UV Light, Fan, Sticky Glue Boards Trap Even The Tiniest Flying Bugs - No Zapper - Child Safe, Non-Toxic (Black)
  • KATCH RELIEF: with 3X TRAP POWER the UV light attracts the fruit fly, gnat, or mosquito, the fan sucks it in, and the sticky glue boards trap it.
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: Easily place in your home kitchen, office, or outdoors as a decorative, stylish piece. No more ugly traps or fly paper.
  • TRAP INDOORS: Set close to insect-ridden fruit, plants or trash bin. Turn off lights for best results.
  • REDUCES pests, but is not a complete insect killer lamp, and should not replace your bug repellent/control system. Does not kill house flies.

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  • Emits UV light that attracts mosquitoes and some other biting insects
  • Perfect for both indoors and outdoors because it will protect a 320 square feet large area from mosquitoes
  • The fan mechanism will suck in any lured mosquitoes and will keep them in via the glue board
  • It is cordless and works on electricity, letting you use it even you don’t have an electrical outlet available
  • This mosquito trap can be recharged using both a USB port and a regular wall outlet.


  • Unfortunately, it doesn't cover a large plot of land, which means it's not very ideal for back gardens.
  • This device is more suited for enclosed spaces.

Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer, 1/2 Acre Coverage - OUTDOOR ONLY

Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer, 1/2 Acre Coverage
8,747 Reviews
Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer, 1/2 Acre Coverage
  • Advanced electronic insect control; non clogging killing grid; 1/2-acre killing radius, requires plug.
  • Recommended not to be used within 25-feet of area intended for human activity, should not be attached to house or deck or other structures
  • Instantaneous operation, continuous and uninterrupted service, Uses a 15-watt bulb. The cord is 9” in length
  • For best results replace the cartridge every 30 days, Please refer User manual for troubleshooting and its corrections

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  • Doesn't clog
  • Fairly easy to change bulbs
  • Can use with 1 or 2 bulbs
  • Sturdy
  • Good rain protection


  • No dusk to dawn switch.
  • Bulbs it comes with are a whiter light and fairly bright

Implementing and Positioning Mosquito Traps

Often times people will complain about mosquito traps as being ineffective. However, nothing could be further from the truth. What you will find the majority of the time is that the individual incorrectly used the traps. There are a few essential steps you can take to ensure maximum return from your mosquito trap.

  • Pick the right trap - Often times people look for the cheap way of going about extermination. While this is a smart idea it's not always effective. Make sure that you buy the right machine to cover the amount of land you need to address the problem.  You may need to buy multiple units to cover various areas if your property is large enough. When it comes to making this purchase think of it more so as an investment than an expense.
  • Positioning the trap - Often times people would place the device near an area of their home in which they spend a lot of time. While this might seem like the logical thing to do, it's actually not that effective. On the contrary, you should place the trap in an area in which you spend little time. As a matter of fact, it's considered good practise that you place the traps as close to the infestation as possible and upwind from where you reside.
  • Don't expect immediate results, Unlike other devices, mosquito catchers may take time to eradicate an entire population. It's just a matter of being patient and letting the catcher do its job.
  • Timing helps - As opposed to running the machine all day wasting energy and money it would make more sense to keep the machine active when they are. Mosquitos tend to be most active during sunset and sunrise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Mosquito Traps

Essentially these devices were created to capture mosquitos. Similarly, some of them are capable of eradicating the outbreak altogether. Mosquito traps are a great way of ensuring that your day in the sun isn't spoiled by some pesky mosquito. Considering mosquito traps don't use pesticides, which cause harm to other wildlife, they provide a peace of mind. You can go about your day without worry if you've just poisoned the dog. As a result of burning propane to produce CO2 it will attract many mosquitos.

How Do Mosquito Traps Work

It's important to understand the difference between male and female mosquitos. There's one fundamental difference and that's; male mosquitos have no need for you blood. As a result, they don't bite. However, the real threat resides in the female mosquitoes. They search for blood in order to provide sustenance for their eggs to grow. Over numerous years, scientific studies have shown that female mosquitoes find their victims using a combination of sensory instruments such as;  heat, light, vibration, color and other functions of human activity.

Essentially, what mosquito traps do is mimic these sensory abilities thus tricking the mosquito into believing the smells and visual stimuli associated with people are actually real. Numerous of different brands produce heat, light, C02 and octenol. Often times it's a combination of all these features. This helps to lure mosquitoes in and eventually trap them in a container where they die.

More often than not, these devices require a significant amount of power for operation. There are many different variations of devices that require different power sources. For instance, some use certain organic compounds while on the other hand some us electricity. If the device is electric, it may require an extension cable to be plugged into a socket indoors with the device outdoors. This may impose certain limitations on the outdoor use of such a trap. However, considering the various different ranges of devices, you can find one that can be powered solely by propane. These types of devices are more flexible when it comes to addressing a harder to reach the area.

Are Mosquito Traps Safe Around Your Home

Safety is a number one priority when investing in any product that uses a flammable gas. Many of you may be concerned about the health hazard impacts these machines may have on you or your family. However, rest be assured, they're safe without a doubt. As many of you are aware, pesticides can be toxic to people and pets. However, mosquito traps don’t produce chemicals which can cause hazardous health effects to the members of your household including your pets. The environmental protection agency ensures that it's mandatory that all mosquito trap products are authorized for safe use. When purchasing a mosquito trap make sure that it is one that is authorized by the EPA and in order to avoid the risk of electrocution or fire, check safety standards for outdoor operation if that is where you are using the device.


To conclude, it's important that you approach your problem with a plan. Map your actions and then execute on them.

For instance, when a ship begins to take on water your first instinct shouldn't be to get a bucket and throw the water overboard. It should be to find the hole where the water is getting in and seal it up.

Well, a similar approach is taken here. First, eliminate or tackle the source. Following that, execute the existing population. Finally, ensure that it doesn't happen again by taking the necessary measures that we've outlined above for you.

And remember, Cerceris was built to provide you with support, advice and product guides for all pest control solutions for your home.  If something isn't covered in one of our current guides, please do let us know and we'll add it to the editorial calendar!