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The Best Humane Mouse Trap

Pet Safe Mouse Control

Worried about injuring family members or pets with traditional kill traps around your home?

Or perhaps you simply don't want to kill the mice causing the infestation and are looking for the most effective non-lethal option available to you.

A humane mouse trap means you don't have to compromise on safety OR effectiveness.

And we've lined up all your options for a trap and release strategy, so lets dive right in...!

humane mouse trap release rodent

Dealing with rodents at home is one of the most annoying things you have to contend with.

And the moment you spot a mouse in your house you need to get rid of it, fast.

Mice carry and spread a number of seriously nasty diseases, spending a lot of time in dumpsters, sewers and other unsanitary places.

You certainly don’t want them scurrying all over the floors and surfaces your family use on a daily basis.

However, getting rid of a mouse doesn’t mean you have to kill it. Humane mouse traps provide an alternative option to trap, then release, the rodent.

These specialized mouse traps do not harm or hurt the mouse and simplify the process of getting rid of them from your house.

Humane mouse traps use food as the bait to lure the mouse into the trap and typically have auto lock doors triggered by the rodent as it enters the trap.

These mouse traps are also see-through, made of transparent plastic or metal wire. So not only are they lightweight, you can see when a mouse is trapped inside without having to open it and you can easily carry it outside and release the mouse.

However, it’s important to remember that the humane approach to trapping a mouse only works if you’re vigilant.

If the mouse remains trapped for over 12 hours after its capture, it could die and the whole point of the humane mouse trap would be lost.

So, we recommend checking your humane traps frequently to avoid accidentally killing the little critter before you have the chance to release them.

Best Humane Mouse Trap

Vensmiles Humane Mouse Trap That Works for Catch Mice Alive and Release, Bigger Size Green Smart Mouse Trap No Kill Live Mousetrap Safe for Family Use

Vensmile Humane Mouse Trap

The Vensmile humane mouse trap by X-Pest is poles apart from the brutal traditional mouse traps and is our recommended pick of the models available.

Using bait to lure the mouse into the trap, once inside it has no way of getting out.

With the simple effectiveness of the Vensmile Humane Trap, you now have the option of releasing the mouse somewhere else, taking care of the infestation in your house in a safe and non-invasive manner.

You can even use it to tackle problem rodents in your garage, office and pretty much any other place as well.

This mouse trap is reusable, so no need to replace the trap each time you catch one of these furry pests: You simply use the same one to capture and remove all the mice one by one.

Setting up the Vensmile mouse trap is simple: You begin by setting the bait.

For this you will have to remove the bait room placed inside the mouse trap (it’s the section with multiple holes).

Place the bait inside the bait room and return it back inside the mouse trap.

Vensmile recommends that you use peanut butter or cheese spread as bait, we found peanut butter of the two was most effective.

The next step is setting the trap and for this you need a thin stick.

Using this stick push the trap door inwards till the lock on the trap door gets triggered.

Now that the bait and the trap have been set, you will have to place the mousetrap in an area frequented by the mice. The bait will attract the mouse into the trap and the trap door will slam shut to capture it.

Finally, you can carry the mouse trap somewhere away from your property and release the mouse: Simply slide open the compartment and the mouse will be able to exit the trap.


  • The mouse trap is made of high quality plastic, which makes it durable.
  • It has an automatic lock mechanism, which means once the mouse is captured it can’t escape.
  • Contains a separate bait room.
  • It’s available in a pack of two and a pack of four mouse traps.
  • The dimensions of the trap are 6.7 inches x 2.4 inches x 2.5 inches.


  • The trap has air holes that allows the mouse to breathe. So, even if you notice the captured mouse a little late, the mouse will still be alive and you can release it somewhere outside the house.
  • It takes less than 5 minutes to install the trap.
  • You don’t require any tools (other than a stick) to install the trap.
  • Traditional mouse traps with the clips on top pose a certain degree of danger to kids and pets, because they can step on it or touch and get hurt. This mousetrap doesn’t pose any danger whatsoever.


  • Some users have complained that placing the bait can be difficult. We didn’t experience the same level of problem, although it was a little fiddly.
  • If you have a serious mice infestation in your house, then it can become quite an irritating chore to carry the trapped mouse far away and release it, especially because it’s unlikely that more than one mouse will enter the trap at the same time. You can overcome this by deploying more than one trap at a time.

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The Vensmile humane mouse trap is one of the best trap & release devices on the market.

It has an excellent build quality, doesn’t have any sharp edges that could be a danger to family members or pets. It’s lightweight, which makes it easy to carry and super easy to handle when releasing the captured rodent back into the wild.

Overall, the Vensmile provides great balance between cost and capability.

Other Top Humane Mouse Traps

AB Traps Pro-Quality Live Animal Humane Trap Catch and Release Rats Mouse Mice Rodents and Similar Sized Pests - Safe and Effective - 10.5' x 5.5' x 4.5' Single Door

AB Traps Cage Trap

The AB Traps brand is associated with quality products and this humane trap is no different. In fact, AB Traps is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). When you order an AB Traps product from Amazon, the product is shipped directly from one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers, which ensures you only receive genuine AB Traps products. This humane animal trap can be used to capture rats and mice, but it can also be used to capture other smaller pests. The trap is completely safe and captures live mice. They aren’t hurt or harmed in any way. There’s no poison involved in the process either. The build quality of this humane mouse trap is excellent. It’s a durable and reusable trap. Releasing the captured mouse or rat is also quite simple. If you need to capture a field rat, which are much bigger in size than your average mouse at home, this humane trap won’t work.


  • The AB Traps humane animal trap features a patent locking mechanism, which ensures that a captured mouse or rat cannot escape.
  • There are two versions of the AB Traps humane animal trap. The first is a smaller model with a single door and the second is a slightly bigger model with a single door plus bait hook.
  • A pack of two small traps is also available.
  • The dimensions of the trap are 10.5 inches x 5.5 inches x 4.5 inches.


  • The first few times it might take you a minute or two to setup the trap, but later you will be able to do it in well under a minute.
  • It’s completely safe to use in houses with kids and pets.
  • You can use it both indoors and outdoors.
  • It’s perfect for small rats and mice.


  • A number of customers have complained that the rat or squirrel they captured managed to chew its way out of the trap.
  • While there’s no doubt that this is a good quality product, the price is excessively high. In fact, the model with the bait hook is priced double that of the other model.
  • There’s no handle on the trap, so you have to pick it up using the wire mesh.

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The AB Traps humane mouse trap is a decent quality, easy-to-use trap for small rats and mice. But you might not have the same success capturing bigger mice. Its metal construction enables you to use it inside and outside the house. However, it’s priced on the higher end and there are other more effective mouse traps available at a lower price point.

HoneyBull Humane Mouse Trap [2 Pack] No-Kill, Pet & Children Safe

Honeybull Humane Mouse Trap

The HoneyBull humane mouse trap is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), which is a common thermoplastic polymer and an extremely durable material. The trap is equipped with a number of air holes to provide the captured mouse more than enough oxygen supply. This trap has been designed in such a way that the captured mouse will not be subjected to any pain or be harmed in any way.

The small compartment at the rear end is where the bait is placed and holes in it should be pointing inwards. This allows the smell from the bait to reach out and lure the mouse to enter the trap. The trap door is kept open and when the mouse enters the trap and reaches the farthest end, it triggers the fulcrum, which in turn triggers the door and shuts it. To release the mouse, you will have to lift the bait compartment, allowing the mouse to run out.


  • It has a spring-based trap door.
  • The trap door is only triggered when the mouse or rat is towards the rear end of the enclosure. This ensures that its tail isn’t caught up in the trap door.
  • The dimensions of this mouse trap is 6.7 inches x 2.4 inches x 2.5 inches.
  • The weight of this mouse trap is just 0.26 lb.
  • Two HoneyBull humane mouse traps are included in each pack.


  • No poison, glue or any other harmful chemical is used in this mouse trap. So, it’s safe to use in a household with children and/or pets.
  • The HoneyBull humane mouse trap is fit to use both indoors and outdoors.
  • The trap is lightweight making it easy to pick up and carry outside to release the mouse.


  • It’s perfect for small mice, but not ideal for rats or any bigger rodent.
  • If you place a slightly heavy bait in the compartment the trap door gets triggered and shuts down.

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The HoneyBull humane mouse trap is durable and effective. Since you get two mouse traps in each pack, it’s a cost effective option as well. The only issue is that you can only capture small mice with this trap. If small mice is what’s troubling your household, then look no further. Otherwise, you might have to look elsewhere.

Mice Cube 3-pk Humane Mouse Trap - The Only Mousetrap You'll Ever Use

Mice Cube Humane Mouse Trap

The Mice Cube humane mouse trap combines functionality with affordability better than almost any other brand of humane mouse trap. It’s a reusable mouse trap that’s safe to use inside the home, because it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or have rough, sharp edges that could hurt children and pets. The construction of the mouse trap is very simple. There are no hi-tech gadgets attached to it, yet it’s just as effective as the ones that do have those bells and whistles. Interestingly, even though the brand name has the word ‘cube’ in it, the mouse trap itself is a rectangle.

Mice Cube recommends that you use a cracker with peanut butter spread on it as bait. The bait should be placed at the far end of the trap. The holes on the swinging door allow the smell of the bait to escape the trap and lure the mouse towards it. The mouse pushes through the door to reach the bait and the door swings shut. Since it only opens inwards, the mouse has no way to escape the trap.


  • Each packs contains three humane mouse traps.
  • It’s made of molded plastic.
  • It has a free swinging door that only opens in the inward direction.
  • Dimensions of the mouse trap are 2 inches x 2 inches x 5.75 inches.


  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry outside.
  • It’s really easy to use.
  • The price of this mouse trap is quite low and on top of that you get three traps.
  • You can simply flip the door open and clean it under an open tap.


  • The Mice Cube humane mouse trap isn’t particularly durable. However, it needs to be pointed that since the pack contains three of these traps, it sort of balances out.
  • The trap is especially tiny, which means you can’t capture rats or even bigger mice in it.
  • The tiny size also means that if a trapped mouse isn’t released within a few hours of its capture, it might die.

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If there’s a MVP award in the humane mouse trap segment, then the Mice Cube mouse trap will win it. However, the small size of the trap restricts its use to capturing small mice. So, you might have to buy another mouse trap for rats and bigger mice, which diminishes the value proposition.

Rolling Log Mouse Trap The Original Perfect Kill/No Kill Trap for Mice, Rats & Other Pests & Rodents - Humane, Non Poison - Caught 11 Mice in 1 Night!

The Original Rolling Log Mouse Trap

There are a number of imitations of a rolling log mouse trap, but this is the original. The easiest way to check if you have the original product or a counterfeit is to check its weight. This, the Original Rolling Log Mouse Trap, is lightweight. Whereas, the counterfeit ones are made with much heavier metals. The weight is also key to how the mouse trap operates. The counterfeit ones are simply ineffective due to the heavier weight.

The issue with regular mouse traps is that more often than not only one mouse is captured at a time. So, you are forced into a cycle of setting the trap, capturing one mouse, releasing it humanely, cleaning the trap and setting it once again. With the Original Rolling Log Mouse Trap you will be able to capture several mice over a single night. And all you need is this rolling log mouse trap, a bucket partly filled with water and some peanut butter. You need to cut slots into two ends of the bucket’s rim and place the rolling log mouse trap. Spread some peanut butter on the log. The mouse will try to walk across the log to reach the peanut butter bait and fall into the bucket, because the log will roll over. In the morning, simply empty the bucket somewhere outside the house.


  • The rolling log mouse trap weighs between 2 and 4 oz.
  • It uses simple physics to make it an effective mouse trap.
  • The dimensions of the rolling log is 12.8-inch x 1-inch x 1-inch.


  • It’s very easy to use.
  • The first time you set up the mouse trap, you will have to make a few preparations. But after that it will take just seconds to set up.
  • There are no spring doors or levers in this mouse trap. So, it’s safest option for indoor usage, especially if you have kids or pets at home.


  • While it does claim to be a humane mouse trap, the fact is that the mice fall into a bucket of water. They could drown overnight, which isn’t a particularly humane solution.
  • It’s one of the most expensive mouse traps.

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If you have a serious mice infestation at your home or office and want to get rid of a bunch of mice at one go, then the Original Rolling Log Mouse Trap is the ideal option. Just keep in mind that the mice might get harmed in the process. And also that it’s quite expensive.

No products found.

RinneTrap Walk The Plank Mouse Trap

The approach and functionality of the RinneTrap Walk The Plank mouse trap is quite similar to that of the rolling log mouse trap reviewed above. In place of the rolling log, there’s a plank with a bait placed at its tip. The mouse walks up ramp and onto the plank. It tries to reach the bait at the tip and falls into the bucket on which the this mouse trap has been attached and set up. The bucket should have an inch or two of water to prevent the mice from climbing out or trying to chew into the bucket itself. This mouse trap is made by a small family owned company that’s based in New York.


  • The RinneTrap Walk The Plank mouse trap is available as a single piece. You can also buy a pack of two or a pack of four mouse traps.
  • The plank and the ramp are both included as part of the mouse trap.
  • This mouse trap is 100% safe and non-toxic.
  • The mouse trap has a weatherproof design.


  • The mouse trap is children and pet friendly.
  • It’s made with good quality material, which makes it durable.
  • Unlike regular mouse traps, you won’t have to worry about hygiene.


  • Similar to the rolling log mouse trap, there’s a chance that the mice might drown in the water.
  • The plank won’t be able to support the weight on bigger rats and mice.

No products found.


The RinneTrap Walk The Plank mouse trap is a good alternative to the rolling log mouse trap. It delivers the same result and is significantly more cost effective, because you get two RinneTrap mouse traps at a lower price than that of a single rolling log mouse trap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Place Humane Mouse Traps?

You should place the mouse trap besides walls and in areas where you have spotted mouse droppings. Basements and kitchens are red zones for mice.

How to Set a Humane Mouse Trap?

It depends on the type of mouse trap. In case of a standard mouse trap with a trap door, you will have to place the bait in the far end and keep the door open, allowing the bait to lure the mouse in and triggering the door shut. In case of rolling log or plank-based mouse traps, you will need a bucket to attach the trap to and fill in a couple of inches of water in the bucket.

What Is the Best Bait for a Humane Mouse Trap?

Most humane mouse trap brands recommend peanut butter butter as the best bait. Alternatively, you can also use cheese spread or a light cracker.

Where to Release the Mice You Catch?

Ideally, you should release the mice in a wooded area or near a derelict building. It will provide them with shelter and a habitable place. If that’s not possible, release them in an open area far from your house.

How to Clean Humane Mouse Trap?

You should use hot water to clean the trap. It will disinfect and sanitize the trap for reuse.

Why Is My Humane Mouse Trap Not Working?

It could be because it’s not big or sturdy enough for the type of mice or rats you’re trying to capture. It could also be because the trap has a defect, in which case you will have to contact the manufacturer.

You should always use humane mouse traps, because it makes no sense to kill a mouse for simply following its instincts and entering your house. While selecting the right humane mouse trap, make sure you keep in mind the size of the mouse you’re trying to capture. Also, remember that the most expensive mouse traps aren’t necessarily the best.



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