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Cerceris Fumipennis is a native wasp, it’s habitat spanning Florida to southern Ontario.

They specialize in hunting Wood-boring beetle adults. The females forage for beetles in trees and bring them back to nest holes in the ground

Exotic Wood-boring Beetles can be devastating pests of forests and landscapes and often require use of insecticides for effective emerald ash borer treatment.

The EAB has killed millions of ash trees in the Midwest and this menace is headed your way.



Guides, reviews and how-to's, we take a look at the very best ways to combat and control insects around your home and yard.

Mosquito Traps
Bug Zappers
Insect Sprays
Electric Fly Swatters

and a whole lot more, including answering common questions like are mosquitos attracted to bug zappers and are electric fly swatters safe?



From the best Humane Mouse Trap to Electronic Traps, we take a look at the very best ways to trap and eliminate rodent infestations in your home and around your property.

Best Mouse Traps
Live Traps
Electronic Traps
Snap Traps


and a whole lot more, including advice on important questions like what to put on a mouse trap and can you reuse a mouse trap?

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